I’ve spent the last decade specializing in people and systems development. I’ve flown across North America overseeing store openings.


I’ve pushed myself to my physical limits pushing for change in the companies I worked for. For a time I thought working countless hours and years without vacations was the way to get shit done. After my body decided it had enough, and I was able to have some space and time away from work I realized one thing. Finally I was able to articulate what I’ve always felt. People matter the most to me.

Whether I’m changing systems or implementing training and development practices it’s all to lessen the load on people. My sweet spot is training and development. Leadership coaching is what gets me fired up. We all have the capacity to be a leader with or without employees. Contrary to popular belief leaders are not born, they are shaped.

To work with me is to receive tough love. Like most areas in my life I tow the line between softness and empathy, but call bullshit when changes need to be made. I’ve been fortunate enough to start multiple companies and I’m confident I can help you in yours. So if you’re ready to get busy getting better let’s talk