Sara McCabe

I’m the Swiss army knife of Business Consulting


So why the knife analogy?

True to my style of remaining undefined. I’m part coach, part consultant. I did the corporate “thing”. I saw success in the corporate thing, but something never felt quite right. Turns out I really don’t like playing by someone else’s rules, and I really don’t like being put into a box. So I left, and haven’t looked back.


Helping people oriented humans get their leadership right.



I’m hoping you’re one of those people oriented humans I like working with. You’re either an entrepreneur, business owner, or probably just someone who

understands the value of solid leadership regardless of the position you’re in.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.28.48 AM.png

I’m also thinking the thought of calling yourself a LEADER feels weird, and borderline silly. You’ve never thought of yourself that way. Conflict might scare the sh*t out of you, you don’t know how everyone figured out what their values are, and you think your listening skills are top notch but for some reason miscommunications are still happening. Lastly if you hear someone say "you need to show up authentically at work” one more time you’re going to lose it, because what does that even mean?!



If you’ve made it this far chances are you know that something isn’t quite clicking. I’m here to tell you the answer isn’t a productivity hack, firing or hiring better people, creating more hours in the day, or even a trip away (ok, those are nice I’ll admit). The truth is your leadership probably needs some work, your systems to support people may not be solid, or at the very least you’re unsure of what your values are or how to even articulate them. I vote we change that now.



If you’re like “whoah Sara I’m not ready to do anything yet!” That’s a-ok by me. Feel free to follow me on instagram I share all sorts of leadership gems and the occasional dance video. If you’re wanting even more of the free good stuff I highly recommend signing up for my newsletter.