I can hear you in your head already saying “When is a good time to do this? Mmm, maybe in a couple months.Things aren’t that bad it’s all pretty manageable right now.”


I’ll tell you what I tell everyone. Now is the time. You as the leader of your company and the people, if you in fact have staff are the single most important asset to your business. I get it, investing in yourself and your company for seemingly intangible things feels crazy. So let’s talk dollars and cents, because business is business after all. Your ability to lead well, retain staff, or support their development directly affects the bottom line of your business. The cost of finding new people and training them on average is $1800. So let’s fix some things now, so future you doesn’t get into a tough spot. I offer 3 packages for entrepreneurs who are ready to work on there leadership, and improve their employee systems.

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1. Think Like A Leader

- One on one coaching for 5 weeks

- Your own personalized work book with questions,         exercises, and space to expand on your experiences

- Unlimited email support in between sessions

- Each session is recorded so you can play it back

Your Investment is $750

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2. Smooth Operator

- Refine structure of organization

- Construct job descriptions

- Build out employee systems

- Assess team strengths and weaknesses

Packages starting at $2200

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3. Building Blocks

- Define values and build out company culture

- Interview, on-boarding, and employee review training

- 90 day development plan for organization

- Personalized leadership development plan

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